9 novembre 2008

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27 août 2008

The Truth about Cats

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Don’t let them fool you.  Cats are nocturnal creatures.
If you don’t believe me, just look at their features.

Those almond-shaped eyes that glow in the dark,
And see not the color – but the heat of their mark.

Those nimble ears that let them catch in one bound,
the bird in the tree and the mouse on the ground.

Oh yes, they’ll cuddle beside you on top of your pillow,
and present themselves the perfect bedfellow.

But just after midnight, long before dawn,
they will awaken with an innocent yawn.

Soon you will find a paw in your eye,
a tail in your mouth and a nose in your thigh.

Regret you will letting them stay
You’ll be up all night and all the next day

But they will be napping, catching their winks
while you are consuming caffeinate drinks.

So harden your heart and put them out.
I speak from experience. Have no doubt.

Oh, and one more thing -

If one should approach you during the night,
And touches your skin with purrs of delight,

Take heed to know where your hand places.
Cats show their asses as oft as their faces.

17 août 2008

Encore ce chat

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Encore ce chat dans Internet rugby001


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